QuadroCore is developing an analytical instrument in order to serve new and emerging markets and developing countries. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team is developing triple quadrupole mass spectrometers at a drastically reduced size and cost. QuadroCore offers high performance tools with rapid throughput, cost-effective process, and modular design for various industries,.

A mass spectrometer (MS) is an analytical technique that uses the weight of individual chemical molecules and their fragments to identify an unknown sample. Triple quadrupole MS are used in various industries to accurately quantify analyte of interest. These are extremely sophisticated tools that can only be innovated through years of multidisciplinary research and development.


QuadroCore’s Solution:

QuadroCore’s solution is smart, direct, and simple. A state-of-the-art triple quadrupole MS that addresses major market needs and provides patented capability of direct analysis and a simple workflow. QuadroCore’s technology will be the first  high performance, affordable, and portable triple quadrupole MS.