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By definition, Volatilomics is a field of Chemistry where the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced and spread by any living organism, including humans can be collected and analyzed to help us understand the normal metabolic processed within the body. Detectable changes may indicate the presence of disease.

There are multiple grounds that make Volatilomics a very promising field in chemistry, biology and other disciplines. As QuadroCore’s Direct Mass Spectrometer is mainly focused on Volatilomics in biological and health-related fields, in this article.


With Direct Mass Spectrometry, VOCs produced by animals can be tested where the animals live. In case of wild animals, there would be less need for capturing the animals and the VOCs can be analyzed at their habitats.

For farm animals, this can be done non-invasively and without any need to directly touch animals. During the mad cow pandemic, many people had to risk their health by getting close to animals so that they could collect samples. The economical impact of that was devastating. With direct analysis of VOCs, only by testing the exhaled breath of the animals using portable mass spectrometers like the ones QuadroCore manufactures, no human contact is needed and additionally, the analysis is able to generate results immediately, reducing the risk of quick spread of the diseases among the farm animals or humans.

Plants also release many VOCs and analyzing them opens new doors to understanding their metabolism, their disease and how we can secure our crops against them.

Understanding crops philology is a sophisticated process, as sample collections, separations and analysis, may take many long hours before enough data is generated to lead us to meaningful conclusions.

Direct analysis mass spectrometry will make it possible for volatilomics to show its large potential in our food safety and food resources security.


With our today's knowledge of diseases, most of them can be cured if timely diagnosis could be done. In fact, in most chronic diseases such as cancer, we can treat them very effectively if we diagnose them at the very early stages. But the problem is that usually these diseases are discovered in patients so late that it has already impacted many organs, making the treatments very hard if not impossible.

Volatilomics is fully capable of enabling us to do early diagnosis if we have the right tools and technology to analyze the VOCs released in humans' breath. We can detect and measure over 2000 different molecules in humans’ breath, each of these are connected to certain organs activities. Any anomaly found in human breath can be associated with possible disease development and health conditions in early stages.

Examples of diseases detectable via VOCs and with QuadroCore Mass Spectrometer

QuadroCore Volatilomics Body VOCs

Today, we have very complex and inefficient methods to use VOCs in humans’ breath to perform early diagnosis. With QuadroCore’s Direct Analysis Mass Spectrometer, we are taking a leap towards making it possible for volatilomics to accomplish disease early diagnosis and treatment, saving millions of lives.

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  • What is the pricing of these units on a one off basis. Especially for a doctors surgery. Please quote in US dollars,
    FOB. Many thanks.

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