QuadroCore Mission and Product

QuadroCore's mission is to enable effective sample analysis for any type of testing using direct, rapid, and cost-effective technology.Today at any hospital labs, airport security checkpoints, border inspections, or centers for forensics, tests take on average 4 days to bear results.

QuadroCore’s AerX 200, Direct Analysis Mass Spectrometry makes it possible to access results in seconds. Its technology is portable and extremely cost-effective.

This technology has the potential to improve two of the most pressing issues that are impacting our lives today; security and health.


QuadroCore in lab


Our safety and security in the offices, schools, airports, and other locations where people gather, is affected by increasing threats. Immediate discovery of these threats is dependent on the technology that’s available to us today. QuadroCore’s AerX 200, works like a digital nose making it possible to discover traces of explosives, narcotics, and any hazardous materials instantaneously.


For our health and well being, healthcare professionals rely on accurate and sensitive diagnostic tools to detect disease and suggest treatment. Early diagnosis of disease is necessary at point-of-care to prevent rapid spread of highly contagious diseases.

With QuadroCore's technology, the science of Volatilomics enters a new era. AerX 200 has the potential for reliable and early detection of disease through volatile organic compound metabolites that are present in infected individuals' breath samples.

QuadroCore’s technology is backed by over 30 years of brilliant experience of industry leaders, deep understanding of the technology and a strong support by its investors.

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