Global Access to Smart Detection

Direct Analysis Mass Spectrometer with instantaneous test results 

Portable and Simple

AerX 200 by QuadroCore

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Highlighted Applications

Airport security

Despite all efforts, airport security still suffers from technology gap that joeperdizes millions of travelers everyday. Our technology is built to address some fundamental issues.

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Public health

Our public health system has more issues than just insurance coverage. Many of these flaws are uncovered during pandemics. What if we had the technology to do mass testing in no time?

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By analyzing VOCs instantaneously, direct mass spectroscopy enables biologists, botanists, medicinal scientists to learn about diseases and act with realtime data in hands.

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Early Diagnosis

The best way to stop a disease is to diagnose it before it's too late.

QuadroCore's direct analysis Mass Spectrometer is built for that.

Everything that you will need in a modern Mass Spectrometer